starting over

my favorite little lighthouse

I’m starting over. A few years ago, I enjoyed some significant success on Xanga with a crude humor blog and was taken under the wings of others who wrote similarly – though a lot funnier and better and somehow more unifying.

I left my Xanga while deeply entrenched in my ever necessary college education, primarily using Facebook status updates as my sole outlet for my oh-so-hilarious quips and one-liners about society:


^^three recent examples of my hilarity!!1!111!1!!11one!!111!1!!!one!11111!!!!eleventyone!11!!!1!!

Alas, while Facebook is a great place to share your original yucks, only so many of your friends really “get” your sense of humor (or the delicately ironic tone you use to poke fun at their over-sharing of truly personal information that should, in all likelihood, be kept private).

I haven’t blogged in awhile, but in college when you’re in for some sort of journalism or media-related field, some professors tend to make you create blogs and show them to the class as some sort of proof that you’ve learned how to address your audience using technology.

Oh yeah, I went to school for journalism and public relations. I’m sort of doing that now.

So, there’s my history with public blogs. Five-millionth times the charm.

The end.


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