I don’t stay in one place for too long. It seems like every few years, I’m in a new city or a new part of town. Growing up in California, I have lived on all sides of the Bay Area (east bay, south bay and peninsula).

And now I’m in the Midwest.

Words can not express how UN-homesick I am. I love California – and my family and friends. But this is different. I love whatever I’m experiencing here in Chicago even more than I love “home.” It must be the freedom of the unknown – or could it be the unique magnetism of Chicago’s Midwestern hustle and charm? The peculiar blend of “swift” and “courteous” is glaringly prominent here – you wouldn’t find this exact recipe for quirk in any other population of the world. It totally works here.


Also, I just watched Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’. Dang, girl. Your thirst for adventure has infiltrated my mind. I just might ask that grinning bobcat why he grins.


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