Creeper Comeback: A 90s Staple Returns

Known as a steadfast essential in 90s rockabilly fashion, Creepers are making a comeback – so it’s time to dust off your old pair or invest in a new one. A good friend of mine was walking around the Boston area when she wandered into an Urban Outfitters and saw that they were selling genuine T.U.K. Creepers for a fraction of their normal selling price. We think it’s because Bostonians are more interested in boat shoes.

Anyway, I like and respect the rockabilly/psychobilly subculture and I’m not exactly thrilled that this style is “trendy” now – especially since Urban Outfitters is cashing in on it. You can always count on Urban Outfitters to cash in on a 20-year fashion cycle. However, they’re selling them for pretty cheap. So, luckily, if you’re strapped for cash, some Urban Outfitters stores have them for as little as $9.99 in-house. Online, they’re still about $70, but worth every penny.

Creepers on the Urban Outfitters Website

These were a birthday present from Holly:

And these are the pair I begged her to ship me because I loved the color and just couldn’t pass up the great deal!:

I am a giant and it is fantastic:

teal creepers featured image

I’m planning on doing a Creeper Feature soon. Stay tuned and comment below!


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