Day 1

The quality of this post probably isn’t going to be great because, even though I’m choosing to blog *right this second*, I can’t really say much for two main reasons:

  1. I’m in the middle of another project and can only pause for a few minutes to kick off this blog and
  2. I lack the lucidity at the moment to write in full and complete detail why I’m doing this in the first place.

This is Day 1 of no dating for the next full year. Why am I doing this? The short answer is: my therapist thought it would be a good idea. The long answer is there are a lot of good reasons for it that I currently can’t seem to sound off in a believable way.

“Something something healing something something enjoying my time with myself.”

I’m sure a year of celibacy and strictly platonic relationships will offer me plenty of opportunities for personal insight and those reasons will come to me in more articulate ways. For now, please accept this as my inaugural “Day 1 of the No Dating for a Year Experiment” post and check out this cool stock photo of a lone mountain in the fog.

landscape-mountains-nature-mountain SFL


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